Certification of Product Eco-Declarations

Vertima is an independent third party that audits and certifies Validated Eco-Declarations and develops Environmental Data Sheets for product manufacturers. To obtain a Validated Eco-Declaration from Vertima, the manufacturer must undergo a rigorous and transparent analysis process. Our team of experts will guide you through the process, all the while helping you stay on top of your industry.

Vertima's Validated Eco-Declaration may contain analyses of the following elements, depending on the manufacturer's priorities:


LEED® and Green Building Project Coordination

Vertima will provide you with the support your need to obtain your LEED® certification.

We have extensive experience in green building rating systems and LEED® project management and coordination. Whether you’re an owner, project promoter, architect, engineer or general contractor, our team of skilled professionals will help you attain your objectives for green building certification, such as LEED®.

Our team of professionals are also experts on the following certification systems :

  • The new LEED® v4 rating systems
  • Building Environmental Standards® (BOMA BESt)
  • France's High Quality Environmental Standard
  • Passive House
  • The new WELL Building Standard® rating system

Green Building Training

Vertima develops customized training sessions to meet your specific needs.

The firm's founders, Josée Lupien and Jean DesRosiers, provide world-class trainings on LEED® certification, green building and environmental product certifications. They are masters in the training of architects, engineers, general contractors, subcontractors, building managers and construction product manufacturers.

Vertima's experts are recognized by the Canada Green Building Council as master trainers, in addition to holding certifications from Quebec's labour market partnership commission (Commission des partenaires du marché du travail) (0054407).


Strategic Analysis

Whether you're a project promoter, architect or general contractor, Vertima will help you establish a strategy for your green building projects.

Are you a manufacturer? Is it becoming more and more essential to meet environmental requirements for your products?

With more than 12 years of experience in the construction field, Vertima can help guide your choices according to your objectives. We’ll make sure that your company has the tools it needs not only to meet the demand for your product, but also to position you in the market.

Because the market is always changing, it is becoming more and more difficult to make the best choices possible in terms of both strategy and the environment.

Being successful as a manufacturer involves many steps, and Vertima is your choice partner to get you there.